Ep. 74: The Twelve SCARES of Christmas and a HAUNTY New FEAR!

For our last ep of 2018 (WOW), we share the greatest horrors of all: REAL LIFE HOLIDAY THINGS YOU HAVE TO DEAL WITH!

Smart doctors say the only way to find catharsis is to “air your scares” (TM), so we’re lettin’ ‘em all out for YOU.  This is a very personal and honest episode where we open up our normally private lives in hopes that it inspires you to do the same! WE ARE SELFLESS HEROES!

Most importantly, we discover the concept of #FUNception.


  1. Share YOUR holiday scares with us!  NAME NAMES.

  2. Tell us examples you’ve found of FUNception.

What a year!!!  We love and appreciate y’all GREATLY!!!