Episode 22: Special Holiday Gift Episode!

Adam, Betsy and Mano are off traveling the world for the holidays, but wanted to give you a gift for being SO good for Krampus Day!  The gift?!?!  A bootleg recording of our first ever live show from the UCB Theatre from October 23rd, 2017!  In this live episode, we created an audience interactive GHOULISH GAME SHOW for everyone!

  • We play “Trick or Treat”!
  • Hear the first ever “HORNY 4 HORROR SCARE CHAIR” segment with Gilli Nissim!
  • Playing along with “TERRIFYING OR CUTE” where we decide if kids are precious or scary!
  • Finally, a “SCARECTER HEAD-2-HEAD” featuring the Leprechaun and the return of crowd favorite, MR. FREDDY KRUEGER!!!

This is a wild and unpredictable episode, so we hope you like your gift!  If not, this shit’s free, so keep it to yourself like when your mom gets you some dumb shoes or coat!

THANK YOU, HORRORHEADS, for a great first year!  We’ve got SO much in store for ya next year that we’re DYING to share with you!

We love you!!! xoxox